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I met the Alexander Technique whilst training as an actor at Dartington College of Arts in Devon in the 1970’s. I was so impressed with the changes it made to me, physically and psychologically that I began training as an Alexander teacher immediately after finishing the course. Since 1984 I have worked in full time practice in Cardiff. I helped set up the Alexander Technique teaching team at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and still teach there.

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I have the unusual distinction of having trained twice as an Alexander teacher! In 1997, I met Don Weed whose Interactive Teaching Method I found to shine new light upon the work. i qualified with him in 2001. I now draw on both my trainings in my approach to teaching.

I am particularly interested in the Alexander Technique as a method of self-development and in exploring its connections with psychology and philosophy. However, as a keen amateur musician, I continue to appreciate the simple, practical value that the Technique has in helping me do things more easily without strain.

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The ethologist Nikolas Tinbergen dedicated half of his Nobel Prize winning speech in 1963 to an account of Alexander’s discoveries.

Many famous musicians and actors like Paul Newman, Sting, William Hurt and John Cleese have learned it and testified to its benefits.

The Alexander Technique is now taught in virtually every college of music and drama throughout the world.