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F M Alexander (1869-1955) was an Australian actor who suffered recurrent vocal problems. Unable to get any lasting relief from the medical treatment or vocal training available in his day, he set about trying to discover the cause of his problems for himself, beginning with the simple experiment of watching himself speaking in a mirror. This began a unique series of self-investigations lasting about ten years, out of which emerged what is now taught as the Alexander Technique. Oh, and he got his voice back along the way, too!

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He taught his work to some of the most influential figures of his day, including Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Shaw and the philosopher John Dewey. His methods were endorsed by leading scientists like Sir Charles Sherrington, ‘the father of modern physiology’ and the ethologist Nikolas Tinbergen who dedicated half of his Nobel Prize winning speech in 1963 to an account of Alexander’s discoveries.

After his death in 1995, his work continued to grow and develop and is now taught in virtually every college of music and drama throughout the world. Many famous musicians and actors like Paul Newman, Sting, William Hurt and John Cleese, and sports people, including the British Olympic medal winning rowing team, have learned it and testified to its benefits.

And many thousands more people like you and I have found that it helps them overcome physical pain and discomfort, perform everyday and skilled activities with greater ease and satisfaction, and contributes to their general attempts at self-improvement and self-development.

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Alexander's work bears the same relationship to education that education bears to all the other activities of life.

John Dewey (philosopher and educationalist)